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Casey Aguilar
Unexpectedly, our beloved 5 year old dog, Maple, became paralyzed from the middle of her back down. We are so thankful this hospital was open in the middle of the night to help us. Dr. Meloche helped identify the problem and help us with next steps and processing what was happening. She was very kind and loving towards Maple. Thank you, Dr. Meloche. Dr. Lonchar was very helpful with letting us come to grips with reality. She helped us make the painful decision to put Maple down. She gave us the truth of the situation with grace. She encouraged us to enjoy our last day with Maple before bringing her back to be put down. Thank you, Dr. Lonchar. Elena was very kind and caring while we were processing and preparing for the worst. She was very comforting to us. Thank you, Elena. Maddison took care of our girl overnight, I’m sure she was in good hands. Maddison was very loving and sweet. Thank you, Maddison. Kelly helped us through the end of life euthanasia process. She made something devestating bearable. She was abundantly patient and kind to us and our dog in her final moments. People like her are meant to be there in life’s toughest moments. Thank you, Kelly. There were several others who took care of Maple and helped us but I didn’t get their names. You helped give her shots, carry her around, clean up her accident, etc. Thank you. Everyone we came across was extremely genuine and although it was a traumatic 48 hours for us, they did everything possible to help us through it all and showed our dog so much love in her suffering and we are forever grateful. God bless you for the hard work that you do. Thank you.
On Saturday our dog Maxx was stung by a wasp and went into seizures and then to respitory arrest. Our pup was standing on the Rainbow Bridge looking for change to pay the toll, when the hero's at Viking Vet saved our dog. They are amazing, caring and professional.
Amanda King
From the first phone call, to being greeted, and the check ins. They were busy last night and I could tell they had some critical cases. We waited, however I knew what was coming for my doggo. The vet techs and receptionist were all very loving and helpful. Giving me updates on the wait to see the vet, but also after I got the news I expected to hear. Viking Vet helped me care for my Polli until his last breath. Highly recommend and thank you to the Dr. Stephanie as well for being there to explain and go through that moment with me. I left with ink prints of his paw and nose; my kids were thankful this morning for those.
cj belmudez
Great place took excellent care of our dog during a very stressful time
Jodi M. Rowe
Had to take my little princess to the ER at midnight due to an ear infection. This place is amazing! They are so friendly, caring, economical, honest, upfront and affectionate towards pets and empathetic towards parents! Highly recommend!
Jeneen Heather
I was beyond impressed with the team at Viking! I brought my beloved Juniper in with a blessing, broken leg after she was hit by a motorcycle. These guys had a gurney waiting for her when we arrived. They were AMAZING, compassionate, and very open about cost. The Dr. on staff took plenty of time answering all of my questions and explaining the options. That same doctor also called me three times during the night to let me know how my dog was doing and keep me updated on plans for surgery. The orthopedic surgeon and his entire team came in the following morning and performed surgery on my dog, even though their surgery day was actually the day before. I received a personal call from the surgeon when he got in letting me know he was headed into surgery and what he was planning to do and he called me again directly following surgery and spent 30 minutes answering questions and making sure I felt confident. I am beyond impressed with Viking and I wish that human medical care were delivered at this level.
Jannae Cox
They always take great care of my pets. From keeping up on their general care to emergency visits (like when my dog ate something dumb), the staff always goes above and beyond! Two of my dogs also donate blood here to help save the lives of other dogs which I love, knowing we are able to give back & help others ❤️
Sandra Pierce
The staff were very friendly and gentle with my dog. Who is in the end stages of her life.
cherie mcmains
Very caring